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Bringing Like-Minded Health Care Professionals Together to Address Your Mental Health Needs


Debra Lefebvre is the Owner of LCMHFA, a social enterprise that focuses on community and corporate mental health and wellness.  A strong advocate for Mental Health and featured in various publications & media (most recently CBC), Debra is a Registered Nurse with advanced training and Masters Degree.  She is a certified trainer in Mental Health First Aid Basic for Adults, as well as Mental Health First Aid  for Adults who Interact with Youth. Debra was recently selected to provide consultant services to Workplace Safety & Prevention Services in Ontario.  Debra has been recognized with numerous awards for her strong background of helping others in our community.  Through capacity building and empowerment, the LCMH team is committed to helping equip people to help others in mental health distress with reliable and helpful information and tools.

 At LCMH we offer resources and training to address mental health in the workplace through presentations, workshops and assessment. We are dedicated to helping everyone in the workplace – front line workers, supervisors and managers and support staff, all of whom need concrete, evidence-based tools and strategies to empower them and their organizations.  We have tools and strategies to build resilient leaders and managers, and safe and trusting work environments.We want to help you be healthy, effective, engaged and empowered.

Our Mission:


To make meaningful contributions to the wellness of Canadians at home, in the community and in the workplace through Mental Health First Aid training and other effective tools and strategies.

 We are dedicated to improving Mental Health and Wellness in the community and workplace. Our approach includes Mental Health First Aid  training, which is an evidence-based, certified program from the Mental Health Commission of Canada and is part of The National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace.  Assessment, tools and strategies to improve mental health and wellness in the workplace are also available.  

Our Vision:


Every Canadian is entitled to live, work and play in environments that support good physical and mental health.  Every Canadian is within reach of effective Mental Health First Aid.  

Our Principles:


Integrity.  We are clear in our words and actions and intend to do the right things for the right reasons to benefit Canadians. 

Quality.  We strive for excellence in everything we do. 

Collaboration.  We are committed to engaging our participants in good faith as trusted and valued partners. 

Accessibility.  We believe anyone can be a mental health first aider when enabled with safe and effective tools.